Unleash Your
Natural Talent
To Play

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Hi! I'm
Brian VanDongen

I Help People Find Their Natural Talent To Play

Brian is a life-long "parks and rec kid." Now, he is a parks and recreation professional.

Brian has created, designed, and implemented transformational recreational programming for thousands of residents.

Through his work as a park and recreation professional, Brian helps people play and find their natural talent to play. 

He believes everyone has that talent, but it is sometimes hard to find, or even suppressed in today's society.

Fortunately, play at its most basic level is easy, fun, healthy, and desirable. That playful talent just needs to be unleashed.

Brian has helped thousands of people find their natural talent to play and become happier and healthier people through the power of play.


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Play To Live:
Life Skills and Joy Through the Natural Talent to Play

You Need To Play. This Book Tells You Why and How

Play needs to be a crucial part of everyone's life - both young and old. Life skills such as conflict resolution, risk assessment, physical literacy, and communication are learned and improved through play. All while having fun and being happy.

BUT, play as we remember it (or imagine it in our "ideal" world) is disappearing.

Through stories and real world examples, Play to Live gives you tips and suggestions on how to live a more playful life.



Professional Services

Making the World a More Playful Place


Play Talks & Keynotes

Brian's youthful energy and playful professionalism inspires audiences and participants to find their natural talent to play.

Brian has given talks about playful communities, moving play to the future, and recreation professional's roles in facilitating play.

Through these talks, Brian has given people the tools, knowledge, and power to find, unleash, and use their natural talent to play.

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Brian Has Spoken At These Great Events

US Play Coalition

Conference on the

Value of Play

April 2017 (Roundtable leader)

April 2019

New Jersey Recreation & Park Association

Annual Conference

March 2018

February 2019

District 7 Meeting

October 2018


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