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Play Talks

Making the World a More Playful Place

With his youthful energy and playful professionalism, Brian VanDongen offers exciting and interactive sessions to help your community or organization find their natural talent to play. Browse the sessions below or contact Brian for a customized talk tailored to meet your needs.


It's Not Just Fun and Games

To many, play may seem unnecessary or even frivolous.  But it is not: play is not just fun and games.

Learn how to incorporate play in to your personal and professional life to be happier, be more creative, communicate better, become more empathetic, and resolve conflict.

Perfect for schools, businesses, community groups and all those who want to have the power of play help them become more productive.


Strategies to Make Your Community Playful

Let Brian help you make your community playful. Brian has perfected the art of increasing play, breaking barriers to play, and making places more playful.

For a happier, healthier, less-stressed, more empathetic, more passionate, more engaged community, play needs to be a focus.

Get the tips and tricks to make your community playful in this session.

Perfect for schools, businesses, and municipalities (administration, parks & recreation).


Play Trends

Take a journey through your childhood, reminiscing about your playful memories. Where did that play go? Why don't children today experience the same type of play, the same amount of play?

Brian will take you on a deep dive in to what happened to play. From child safety fears to increased organized scheduling to academic rigors, play is not as plentiful as it once was.

But how can we change that? End with uplifting stories about how play is making a come back and what we can do to make sure that play stays in our world.

Perfect for schools, municipalities, community groups, parent groups.

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