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The Great Summer Camp Experiment of 2020

This year, in 2020, summer camps are serving a third need: a controlled experiment on how best, if at all, to reopen schools in the fall.

20 Ways To Be More Playful in 2020

Resolve to make your 2020 more playful. Here are 20 ways you can live more playfully this year... starting right now.

It's Not "Just Rec" To Most Kids

To the child who does not play higher-level sports, recreation level sports are not "just rec." It's their NBA, their MLB, their MLS.

Play to Live is an Amazon #1 New Release

Brian VanDongen's book, Play to Live: Life Skills and Joy Through the Natural Talent to Play, reached the #1 New Release on Amazon in...

Playing Inside The Box

It’s early on Christmas morning. Little Timmy is awake early because of the excitement to see what Santa left for him under the tree. As...

The Jack Of All Sports

Children who grow up watching sports all have big athletic dreams when they are young.  It’s hard to blame them.  Who wouldn’t want to...

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